101 Ways To Seduce Your Man

Ideas to Sexually Tease, Taunt and Tantalize Him to His Breaking Point

Finally Some Shocking, Sexy Ideas To Spice Up Your Seduction

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Warning:  These Seduction Suggestions & Filthy Sexts Aren’t Vanilla.  They’re Raunchy, Dirty, Nasty and Will Turn Men On In Ways Most Housewives Never Could!

 Here’s a few to whet his appetite: #48.  Buy him a cock ring and surprise him with it by placing it around the gearshift of his car. #44.  Give him a letter opener for his desk with a note stating, “Every time you slide this blade inside the crease of a sealed letter, think about your tongue slipping between the folds of my pussy.” How ’bout ’em apples?!

Listen up, Gorgeous!  Sex in a relationship can get dull.  Heck, it can even start out kinda “meh”, because the truth is women don’t necessarily fall in love with a guy because he’s sexy and great in bed.  However, most men are NOT the same as women. DO YOU: Want to improve sex in your ‘dusty’ marriage? Want to ‘WOW’ a new guy with how creatively sexy you can be? Desire to bring a drifting guy back “to attention”? Need to prove to your man that you aren’t the sexual STALE CRACKER he thinks you are? Have to show that bitch, who’s hanging around your man like an alley cat with her mangy tail in the air, how it’s really done! Guys NEED hot sex to stay loyal and in love, and if your sex life has gotten dull, or never quite got off the ground, now’s the time to turn up the heat in your relationship.It’s time to get your man’s head spinning like a top and his baby-maker harder than a rock.

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new, innovative ways to seduce your man

Or we get shy.  And who’s to blame us for being a li’l bland and timid in the vixen department.  Sure, it’s one thing to know you’re good in bed and that your guy has always enjoyed a roll in the hay with you.  But to take your sex life up a notch and be the kind of girlfriend or wife who drives him crazy with sexual passion for years and years on end– that’s an intimidating task.

But not an impossible one.  And my seduction ideas are sure to take you from ‘decent lover’ to ‘sex kitten of the century!’

Dirty Girls Know How To Compel Men To Abandon Their Value Systems For Hot Sex

As a gal who’s into dudes, I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent online, and the amount of dough I’ve forked out for magazines, to read up on ways to seduce men.  However, it was always the same garbage.  Yes, there were a few golden ideas sprinkled in the mix, but for the most part, everything seems silly, syrupy or just plain danced around the idea of being a bad girl.

See, bad girls KNOW how to seduce men.  I shouldn’t even use the word ‘seduce’, because it’s overused and has lost the kind of power I’m talking about.  What I’m trying to say is that certain bad girls know how to blow men’s f-king brains out of their heads and leave them unable to stand up from the bed, aching for more.

Bad girls have incredible power— the power to do horrible things like steal husbands away from families and use men for their money and fame.  And bad girls–  they don’t learn their tricks from reading page 7 of a mainstream woman’s magazine.

This one poor, pussy-whipped bastard I knew bought his hot, sexy mistress THREE BMWs after she kept wrapping them around trees!  She was a demanding, childish, nightmare of a woman.  BUT SHE WAS THE MOST FUN HE EVER HAD IN BED.  I actually stole a couple of her ideas for this list after hearing his stories about her!

Kristina’s been my friend for years, but when she showed me her 101 Ways to Seduce Your Man list, I immediately realized why her man follows her around like a puppy dog.  I also blushed, hard.

–Rebecca, 37

To Seduce Your Man, You Have to Stop Doing the Vanilla Crap That You Learned About In Some Rom-Com Or On The Pages Of Cosmo

Bad girls, or sex kittens, or vixens extraordinaire, or whatever you want to call them, don’t do things like leave rose-petal pathways from the front door to the bedroom, or buy stiff, itchy lingerie and stumble around the apartment in it.  Why?  Because EVERY girlfriend or wife worth half a lay does these things.

Now, these things may work on your man.  He may be happy just to get a new set of heart-print boxers and a box of Red Hots on his nightstand from you.  That may be enough to please him.  But there are a lot of men with minds far too raunchy and nasty to be sexually satisfied by Suzy Homemaker’s attempts at being sexy-cute.

  ways to seduce men, seduce your manA REAL MINX knows how to: Give a man an erection as hard as a December icicle… from across the room. Make him pass on nights out with the boys just for the promise of booty. Unleash his dirty animal side like a rabid beast. Turn sorry saps everywhere into babbling small boys who’d stupidly do anything for pink parts!

Sure, he says he appreciates your sweet attempts at being sexy, but deep down inside, he might just be telling himself, “I wish my woman would understand how much I need it sloppy, stupid, dirty and downright wrong.  I wish she’d tease me all day long and make this mind-numbing suburban existence I live a little more exciting!”

Bedroom Vixens Aren’t Interested In Being Sexy-Cute.  They’re Interested In Being Dangerously Addictive!

  Dangerously addictive is all about the tease!  Oh, yes.  Women who can compel men know that being a great lover starts and ends outside the bedroom.  And teasing a man is an art.  It’s about mentally mind-f-king men so that they don’t know quite how to handle you or how to handle their aching desire for you. A mental mind-f-k isn’t just achieved with your looks.  A mini-skirt, a new hair-do and a great set of stilettos are not to be overlooked (men are visual creatures), but those things alone won’t get him hooked on you and unable to stop thinking about you at work. There are LOTS of beautiful women out there, and as I once heard a man say, “For every hot chick, there’s some dude somewhere tired of banging her.” To seduce your man, you have to understand how to use language and a creative imagination to impress him and turn him on, all at the same time.  And that’s where I come in.  

This list is a great asset to my sex life.  I don’t know how Ms. Marchant thought up these things, but my husband was stunned when I said #59 to him.  He just looked at me and took my hand to show me that he was erect.

–Donna, 50

Most Women Are Too Busy With Jobs, Kids, Family and Other Responsibilities To Sit Around And Think Up Creative Ways To Seduce Their Men

  My 101 Ways to Seduce Your Man takes the effort out of trying to be creative.  For the cost of a few magazines filled with played-out ideas, you can be privy to tips like:   #33.  Secretly record an audio of your sex, make it into a CD, and pop it in his car CD player so that it plays when he starts up the engine. #25.  Look at him with an angry stare, and when you catch his attention, strut over to him, shove your hand down your pants, touch yourself, and roughly smear your juicy goodness across his face while saying, “Do you see what you do to me, dammit!”   And 97 more…  

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101 Sexts To Send Him

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I personally created this list for a CELEBRITY actress-friend who wanted to get her FAMOUS boyfriend back in her arms.  When they broke it off for awhile, he was playing the field and she knew that the only way to get a hot, rich and talented man like him back in her bed was to be as good of a texter as she was an actress.

I got her permission to use these texts I wrote for her to use with him (she paid me over 100$ to come up with these texts) and now I’m offering them to you as a bonus offer.

Here’s some of the shockingly delicious dirty texts you’ll be privy to:

“In the mornings, when I think about your succulent sausage, I just want to poach my pussy like an egg and let its yolk-juice drip out all over you.  Now THAT’S a breakfast.

“I want you to fuck me fast and hard, using your cock like a whisk to whip my pussy cream into a custard meringue…  A ring of pussy-creampie around the base of your cock!”

“I wish I could steal your tongue and dangle it from a chain around my hips, letting it tickle my clit wherever I went.  Coochie-coochie-ooh!”

 Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this list and I can’t even believe I’m giving it away as a bonus offer (only free with each individual purchase).


It’s Never Too Late To Turn Into a Sexual Creature Who Owns Her Sexual Power! … My List Will Take You From Decently Sexy To Sex Kitten Of The Century!”

seduction ideas

  In 15 minutes from now, you could have the lists, be planning your attack tonight and getting yourself all geared up to talk nasty and tease him like he didn’t even know was possible.  He’ll be stunned and won’t know where you learned these things, but even if he seems a little too shocked to speak, he won’t soon forget it, if ever!   You’ll have to pry him away from your pussy with a pitch fork.  He will become addicted to your smell— so much so that he will actually want you more when you are sweaty from the gym and your pheromones are more potent.

If You Are An Inexperienced Lover, Here’s Your Chance To Be Brave & Bold By Using Ideas That Are Proven To Work With Most Men

  Lots of women shy away from being bad girls for their men.  Their guys have probably told them a hundred times how much they love a dirty, nasty chick in the bedroom, and yet these women refuse to provide their men these needs.

“He might just be telling himself, ‘I wish my woman would understand how much I need it sloppy, stupid, dirty and downright wrong.  I wish she’d tease me all day long and make this mind-numbing suburban existence I live a little more exciting!'”

Yes, it can be uncomfortable being sexual and saying and doing outlandish things to tease your man, but if you secretly want to do them and they don’t go against your morals or beliefs, you have to suck up your bashfulness and try.

Men Cheat… A LOT, And Even Though This Also Has To Do With Emotional Intimacy, If Your Sex Is Bland, He Won’t Be Able To Resist Temptation

  The reality is that sex is too powerful for most men to stay in a relationship that doesn’t sexually satisfy them.  The majority who stay, cheat, and, hun, I don’t EVER want that to happen to you.  These seduction tips will keep him home, because frankly, there is no mistress out there who is going to be as wild and unbridled as you will be when you say and do things to him like;   #14.  Crawl up close to him on the sofa.  Tell him that you know of a li’l pussy that needs some petting, and then slowly spread your legs a wee bit, look up at him, and let out a soft, slow “meow”.

I Even Have a Client Whose Husband Was Already Cheating, and I When I Sent Her a Rough-Draft Copy of 101 Ways to Seduce Your Man, Here’s What She Said:

Last night was the first Monday night he’s been home in weeks.  He brought me flowers and take-out from a nice restaurant.  All through dinner he kept telling me how much he enjoyed our night the evening before.  That was when I did #27 to him. Bastard.  Wish I had this list months ago– that co-worker slut wouldn’t have had a chance.   

— Bonnie, 44


Try 101 Ways To Seduce Your Man Today, Risk Free For 60 Days

I know there will be at least a few dozen ideas on the list that will really get your gears going and will make you into the kind of sex kitten he’s always dream about!

For the price of a so-so bottle of wine you can have a list of ways to blow his mind and hold his interest long after alcohol would.  It’s fun and daring and it will spice-up your relationship just enough to keep him sexually satiated, get you the orgasms you deserve and make sexy time much, much more exciting and adventurous.

Heck, these ideas are so naughty and wild, you can spread them out over a year or more, only using one every week or so.  That’s enough teasing to keep most men over-the-moon with delight– think Batman’s Joker smiles and hard cocks all weekend long!

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Instant Download Product (.pdf format/ Adobe Reader)

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I have never read a list like this before!  What?!  Women like this exist.  Where?  And how do I meet them?

–Some Random Hottie I Surveyed On the Street, 27

I always prided myself in being an excellent tease, but, girl, you got me laughing, blushing and even horny after reading this list.

— Anne-lee, 29

If my girlfriend did ANY of the things on the list, I would marry her.  Period.  Actually, I’m going to buy her a copy right now.  What’s the website?

— Michael, 35

CONTACT EMAIL: info@waystoseduceyourman.com